Poverty relief

Helping the poor

Poverty is a big reality in the communities we serve and it leaves a big gap for us to fill with our Poverty Relief Programme, but we are striving to do all we can for the one in front of us.

Our past efforts include:

  • Helping Malefu to get an identity document and applying for child grants for her children.
  • Helping Rapalang, a blind girl with a brain tumor to receive the necessary health care and education.
  • Taking Tshepang to his much needed therapy on a regular basis
  • Making sure Mpho goes to the regular check-ups for his heart condition
  • Working with social workers to ensure proper care for children being left destitute
  • Buying school clothes for a family and their children after their shack burned down.
  • Helping drug addicts and mental patients to get to the necessary help
  • Helping Eugene a bright and promising Chemical Engineering student from a far-away village, to find accommodation and a bicycle
  • Hugging Ouma Anna, because she doesn’t feel loved.