Kwala Program (Management and Administrative Support)

The Bafenyi Trust’s Kwala (Management and administrative support) Program was one of the most important parts of the work that we do. Government and other departments continually expect ECD centers to report back to them on several different aspects of their daily activities, but the most of the ECD principals are not computer literate and do not have access to the necessary computer, printing and internet facilities.

With the Kwala program we assisted ECD centers in compiling the necessary documents and reports to apply for government subsidy, NPO (Non-profit organization) registration and PBO (Public benefit organization) registration. This included training and support in centers, specifically with budgeting, financial record keeping and reporting.  

There are 11 day care centers that receive subsidy from the government and the Kwala Program assists these day care facilities where they need help. After the training of the last few year, we try to step back and motivate these practitioners to do most of the administration on their own, as this will teach them to be self-sustainable.