It takes big hearts to shape small minds.

Supporting Early Childhood Development (ECD)

The more than 189  ECD practitioners that are part of our Dinaledi programme, form the backbone of early childhood development in Ikageng, Promosa, Khuma and Kanana. These practitioners have a heart to help all the children that walks through their centres’ doors and we at Bafenyi aim to support them in different ways.  

Our Dinaledi Programme hosts weekly educational workshops which gives ECD practitioners practical guidelines in running a high quality age-appropriate ECD programme.

Apart from the necessary teaching aids that are supplied to the practitioners during the workshops, we also encourage them to be resourceful by using the resources they have in innovative and creative ways.

We also assist centres with the registration and administration of their centres.

ECD Centres

102 ECD Centres attended our workshops.


125 Workshops.

ECD Practitioners

189 practitioners attend our workshops.


4000 Children learned from our programme.