Diatla program

Diatla is the Tswana name for hands and this programme strives to take hands, be the hands and connect giving hands with the hands that desperately need help.

Being an organisation that serves in the community, we are continually approached by corporate companies, student groups and individuals who want to make a difference.

Most of the time they have different ways in which they want to better the community and/or invest their skills, money or time, to help the day care centres and communities in Ikageng and the Diatla Programme facilitates these networks.

We continued working in networks and partnerships with local and international businesses, schools, universities, student groups, other non-profit organisations and volunteers, connecting the hands that want to give with the hands that need it most.

 A big part of our Diatla Programme consists of the upgrading of day care centre facilities to help them reach a standard where they can receive a Health Certificate and ultimately apply for subsidy from the Department of Social Development. This year we helped with the upgrading of 15            Pre-schools.

The Diatla Programme is not limited to the development, upgrading and maintenance of facilities alone. Many organisations and individuals donate for specific causes, volunteer in specific programmes and take hands with us in sharing their skills, knowledge and resources.

During the financial year 2019-2020 we were able to assist more than 18 ECD centres with indoor and outdoor maintenance, decorations and upgrading.

  • 969 Volunteers


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