Bafenyi Stories

“I was blessed to come alongside the team at Bafenyi Trust during my Discipleship Training Outreach. Part of our ministry was partnering with the local communities that they support and this had a life changing impact on me. Each week we came alongside the communities in Promosa and Ikageng – loving on them and sharing the gospel of Jesus. During that time we saw change and transformation, miracle healings, God’s provision and I will be forever thankful for the hand-print left in my heart by these beautiful people! I am so thankful that my family has grown and a part of my heart will forever belong with you guys, my South Africa family.”

– Natalie Ketcher

My name is Maxine and I was fortunate enough to work at Bafenyi for about a year and a half. It was like most part of life; not always nice or easy, but good! It was more than just good it was such a rich and life changing experience. What I loved most about Bafenyi was the connections and relationships that were formed – across a multitude of borders. There was a constant sharing of stories and doing life, whether it was in the office, multiple trips to the department of social services, waiting in line at SARS or at the hospital. It was more than just a regular job. It was working together for change in a community. It is only when my time at Bafenyi had come to an end that I realized just how much the community and life at Bafenyi had changed me and my thinking. The following quote became reality – every person you meet in this world has something to teach you. I am forever thankful for the stories that are woven into my heart. May God continue to work in and though the hearts, hands and feet that serve at Bafenyi!

– Maxine Theunissen

I can’t believe that it is nearly 2 years that I left the family of Bafenyi Trust! I was involved with the presentation of workshops and the writing of the programmes for Baby -, Middle – and the Grade R classes for 3 years. It was wonderful to work with such passionate pre-school principals and caretakers, always willing to learn more and to try new activities to enhance the development of the children in their classes.

After I left, I thought I would lose contact, but once you became friends with the staff at the different pre-schools and you see the dedication, and eagerness to learn, you realize that Bafenyi is a family, and not only a group of ladies getting together for workshops. Part of this family is our sponsors – people from the community, who are willing to open their hearts and hands to contribute to the need at the pre-schools, whether this is blankets, food, learning material, money for training purposes etc. Together we can win and our country will prosper because our children are stimulated and happy. I am proud to be on “the other side” of the family now, being a sponsor. Never will I able to leave my Bafenyi family!

– Retha Serfontein