What we do

Atisa ‘multiply’ adult program

Our adult program runs three days a week, where we minister the word of God to the adults. The groups mainly consists of people who don’t go to church on Sundays for various reasons, and our goal is reach them with the gospel and remind them, that they too have a purpose and that they are loved. Our feeding scheme feeds about 300 adults per week. We handle individual social cases such as helping those who lost their homes to a fire by connecting them with donors and helping individuals get IDs.

Kids' Club

Not all children come from loving and safe homes, Our kids club programs are a safe place for children to be children again and for them to be loved and encounter God. Our kids clubs are divided into 3 different age groups: 4yrs – Gr. 2, Gr.3-5 & Gr.6 – Gr.8. We present a bible lesson, crafts and games for the kids. Our feeding scheme feeds 700 children each week.

We want to present trainings for other ministries who are passionate about kids ministry so we can reach more children. The truth is Bafenyi cannot reach everyone in Promosa and Ikageng, but we can equip others so we can reach more people in need. Bafenyi is planning on assisting other organisations by training them to multiply/ duplicate projects that develop communities.