The Bafenyi Trust has a wide variety of networks and volunteers that play a very important role in what we do. Without these networks and volunteers we would not be able to assist the amount of centres that we do and we are continually inspired by them, strengthening and taking our hands in bettering the communities of Ikageng, Mohadin, Promosa and Khuma.


For the past four years, Bafenyi Trust has had the privilege of having volunteers from the DeutschSüdafrikanischesJugendwerk organisation in Germany. These volunteers form an integral part of everything we do and without their commitment, hard word and innovation we would not be able to support the number of day care centres we do.

Northwest University of Potchefstroom | Student Rag Committee
It is a priority of the local NWU to make a difference in the community of Ikageng on their doorstep and Bafenyi is proud to partner with them in this regard. In 2015 Bafenyi started a partnership with SRCS and to align the efforts that are made to better the day care centre community of Ikageng, to ensure that the changes that are made are relevant, effective and sustainable.

Brock University

Professor Mary-Louise Vanderlee, together with the Brock University in Canada has been working together and assisting the Bafenyi Trust since 2013. In 2016 she and four post-graduate education students from the Bröck University evaluated our services to ECD practitioners externally and made some much appreciated contributions to our training programmes.

Equilibria School of Life

The Equilibria School of Life has an annual community development project where they select a day care centre in need and then work for two weeks to do a centre make-over. Since 2013 the Regorogile Early Learning Centre, Rejoy Day Care Centre and King’s Kids Day Care Centre has benefitted from this project.

Potchefstroom Gimnasium and VäxjöGimnasium (Sweden)
These two school became involved in an annual community development project at the Onalerona Day Care Centre in 2012 and has since then played an intricate role in the development of this day care centre. Together with the Bafenyi Trust these two schools do an annual needs assessment and thereafter coordinate teams of high school students to help with overcoming these needs.

Rotary Potchefstroom
The Rotary Club of Potchefstroom has been working hard in developing the Rejoy Day Care Centre, assisting them with various different aspect of development. This enables the practitioners to love, educate and care for the children in this centre a little easier. The Rotary Club of Potchefstroom finished Phase 1 of the building of the Rejoy Early Learning Centre in 2016 and endeavours to raise the funds to build the rest of this day care centre.

The help of our network of donors and volunteers are not limited to the development, upgrading and maintenance of facilities alone, some donated outdoor equipment, shoes (TOMS Shoes), food (Eskort), tracksuits (Chances of Hope Bicycle tour) and toys. Many organisations and individuals in our network also take hands with us in sharing their skills and knowledge.


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