Our Programmes


The Bafenyi Trust believes that all young children have the right to the full development of their potential and assists day care centres that care for, love and educate children under school going age.

Bafenyi is the Tswana word for “winners” and the trust works to create opportunities that equip ECD practitioners and parents with the necceasry skills and resources to make sure the children in the vulnerable communities of Ikageng, Promosa, Mohadin and Khuma can win in life, regardless of their circumstances.

2. Kwala (Management and Administrative Support) Programme

The Bafenyi Trust’s Kwala (Management and administrative support) Programme remains one of the most important parts of the work that we do. Government and other departments continually expect ECD centres to report back to them on several different aspects of their daily activities, but the most of the ECD principals are not computer literate and do not have access to the necessary computer, printing and internet facilities.

The MASP programme assists ECD centres in compiling the necessary documents and reports to apply for government subsidy, NPO (Non-profit organisation) registration and PBO (Public benefit organisation) registration. This includes training and support in centres, specifically with budgeting, financial record keeping and reporting.

As the programme realises the need for computer literacy skills in the day care centres that we serve, one of our DSJW volunteers runs an 11 session Computer Literacy Programme that equips ECD practitioners and principals with basic computer skills that help them to administrate their centres better.

The MASP programme continually strives to train and empower the practitioners to do most of the administration on their own, as this will bring them closes to becoming self-sustainable. This makes a big difference in the centres as things that were always impossible are now being done by the principals themselves. Tasks like attendance registers, budgets and graduation certificates are now being made by the principals themselves which saves them a lot of money.


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